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Fibers! The best in Luxury Fiber Clothing and Yarn!

Slateford Farm
P.O. Box 168
Portland, PA
(570) 897-6566


Luxury Fiber Products from PA Angora Goats

Nothing on this earth conveys luxury as well as the lustre and softness of hand spun Mohair. Here at Fibers on historic Slateford Farm we breed and raise our angora goats to produce the finest and most unusual natural colors of mohair luxury fiber. From the care and husbandry of the animals, through the shearing, processing and spinning of the fibers, to the weaving and construction of the garment, we take every step to ensure you the most enthralling and unique experience you can have by simply putting on a garment. There is no comparison-- no other luxury fiber made is as rich as mohair!

Because each goat produces a different shade of mohair, and because the hand carding, hand spinning, and hand weaving processes produce variations in texture, luster and look, each mohair garment is one-of-a-kind, totally unique, and worthy of being passed down through generations with love.

Come visit, see our kids and bring your camera! Old comfy shoes and rugged clothing suggested. 

Shearing takes place in the spring and fall.

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